First, I'd like to mention that I am not a horoscope fanatic. I don't believe that the pot luck alignment of the stars is responsible for my actions, my moods, or my personality. I believe that Life and experiences shape you into the person you are. People make choices out of their own free will. On the other hand, I am not putting astrology or those who believe in it down. I, personally, like to view it as an ancient science or theory. I enjoy anything that makes me a more educated person, and I enjoy picking out or examining the various ways that I fit into a category (in this case, the Aquarian personality) and how I don't. With that being said, here are a few facts about my Sun sign.


Symbol: The water bearer or two parallel waves.
Element: Air
It is a masculine or positive sign.
Ruling planet: Uranus
Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means that Aquarians can oftentimes be stubborn. Who me? hehehe
Colors: electric blue, turquoise, psychedelic colors
Part of the body: Aquarians rule the ankles and shins, which may mean that weak ankles can be a consistant problem.
Flowers: Orchid and Goldenrod
Trees: Most fruit trees, such as pear or peach. yum!
Spices: Cinnamon and Pepper
Herbs: common sorrel and elder
Gem: Amethyst and Aquamarine
Metal: Aluminum
Hobbies: suggestions are things such as archeology (attraction to the past), ballooning (air sign), drama (enjoy the limelight), and travel (places in the Middle East)
Animals: Large, migratory birds such as the Eagle, geese, and Albatross

At work: Ideal careers include those with a lot of human contact, such as social work or education.
Attitude: while Aquarians usually make great friends and are often kind and helpful, their private nature usually makes them hard to get to know. They are usually very creative and inventive. They enjoy the theater, the beauty industries, fine arts, the sciences and teaching older students may hold a certain appeal to them.
In Love: Aquarians in general seem to enjoy....let's say... the amorous arts. ::clears her throat:: On the other hand, they always struggle to keep their individuality and privacy while in a relationship. They want the sense of freedom while simultaneously seeking deep and meaningful physical and mental stimulations with their partner (in other words, we want to take the cake and eat it too! greedy greedy greedy).
At home: Aquarians sense of originality will show itself off in their home. They can make themselves equally at home in the big city of in the back woods. Funky and unique ornaments will rule. Aqua babies love space, therefore, they will tend to have little amounts of furniture. Glass, colored vases, and chunks of chrystals tend to appeal to us.

Uranus ruling over Aquarius

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