Seelie court - The seelie court's land of origin is Scotland. Another name for them is The Blessed Ones. It is compromised of the blessed faeries of the winds who are heard but never seen. They are depicted as a big throng of benevolent light riding the night air in Scottish folklore. They are most active at night and during the Sabbats. These heroic faeries ride the night wind, looking down upon the earth, seeking out to do good deeds as they see fit. They acquired their Court title because they are also arbiters and judges in faerie quarrels. Some accounts of mythology place them underground when not in flight. It is said that their underground borough is in the Isle of Skye.

Unseelie court - Like the seelie court, the unseelie court's land of origin is Scotland. They also have never actually been seen. That is where their resemblances end. Where the seelie is benevolent and helpful, the unseelie are malignant and thoroughly evil. Accounts have described them as a dark cloud which rides upon the wind. The term unseelie is most often been translated to mean "unblessed" or "damned". Some Scottish legends claim they are former members of the seelie court that fell from grace. They travel on the night wind, terrifying humans with their cackles and howls. Because they can not reproduce, they enslave humans whom they know will never be missed and make said prisoners one of their own.