(click on the bullet for a picture of each)

Ben ~ A very special sweetheart with
the looks of an angel. ::plays with her ring::
Check out his site.
Dave ~ Smelly bear and his wife, Florence!
Can't rave enough about them. They
never fail to crack me up with their raunchy
Rocky ~ I've known him for a long, long
time. Even my sister loves the puppy!
Rosy ~ One of the sweetest girls I've
ever known. She never failed to make me smile.
Remember girl, you'll always be my tango
partner! hehehe
Stefany ~ My bestest friend. What more
can I say? She's always been there for me.
I just wish i could still see her every day

Victoria ~ I'll never forget those days
when you'd come pick me up in your car and
take me away from my troubles. I don't
think you know what you did for me, and I
will never be able to thank you enough.

I have met a lot more special people offline
and on, but if i were to mention them all, I'd
never finish! I want to thank everyone who
ever took the time to get to know me and
make me smile. You all have a place in my

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