1. You are working on a group project at school. You are the person in the group who...

Does what the rest of the group tells you to do.
Tells people your opinion.
Goofs off while you are supposed to be working.
Assigns jobs for people

2. Your best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and is a wreck. You...

Tell her about your breakup stories.
Give her advice, and tell her that you're there for her.
Avoid her, because you feel uncomfertable.
Talk with her for hours and let her cry on your shoulder.

3. You're at a party/dance, you...

Hang out in the bathroom to help your friend who isn't feeling good.
Tell your best friend how much you like the guy/girl across the room.
Tell funny stories to anyone who will listen.
Are in a deep conversation with a friend.

I made this quiz using the tutorial at Dusty's Universe. Thanks Dusty!