Got the graphic?
Now what, I hear you ask.
Well, you're already almost halfway done.
Next, go to Dynamic Drive to grab the javascript necessary to make the cursor trail work. Click on the mouse trails link and search for the script you want.
The next step is to set up the script as instructed. Remember to change the name of the images and the coordinates or numbers after the graphic. The pair of numbers correspond to the width and height of a graphic. To find out the width and height of a particular graphic, either view the source of my page or open the graphic using MSPaint and then check the image attributes.
It is not recommended to make a graphic bigger than the one displayed on my site. It will end up warping the image on your site.
Once you've done that, remember to upload the graphic or graphics.
Sound simple? That's cause it is once you get the hang of it.

AOL hometown users click here for a seperate set of instructions.

Still a little confused? The FAQ's page may help.