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Virginal: The name of the German Ice Queen. She was captured by a magician who kept her imprisoned in one of her ice castles. As each new moon rose, she would have to give one of her ice maidens to be consumed. She was rescued by the man she soon married, but unable to survive in his castle, returned to her own home in the ice.

Wandering Dame Abonde: See Habonde

Wilkie: Little is known about this faerie except that it inhabits the Wilkie Mounds, which is a burial ground on the Orkney Islands. People would leave it offerings of milk at the mounds.

Yallery Brown: The name of a malicious faerie in England. His appearance is that of the size of a year old child, extremely ugly and wrinkled, with long hair and a beard. According to legend, a farm worker named Tom Tiver heard a baby's cry from beneath a large rock. Upon lifting it, he discovered Yallery Brown caught and tangled by his long hair. As payment for helping him, Yallery Brown agreed to help Tom with his farm work, but warned never to thank him or the help would cease. Every day, when Tom would go to the farm, he would discover his work already done. Discovering that the work of all the other farmers had been destroyed at the same time, he went to Yallery Brown and kindly thanked him for his help, but preferred to do his own work from now on. Because he was an evil faerie, instead of being dismissed, he stayed on, causing Tom Tiver bad fortune for the rest of his years.

Yann-An-Od: These male faeries are from Brittany. They appear as kindly, old shepherds with a long robe, shepherd's staff, and white beard.

Zips: These tiny male faeries from Mexican lore wear helmets and carry spears. They are very shy, try to avoid people, and their sole purpose is to guard deer.



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